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Jaden Visagie

Hey there, I’m Jaden Visagie, the creative behind Shame Designs. Imagine this: at 16, I dove headfirst into the design world, working on local and community projects that led me to pursue design as a full-time career.

Fast forward to 20 – 20-something, and I’m juggling big-time projects and working with clients from across the globe. Johannesburg is where I started to really establish myself and started building my career in the industry, on a mission to redesign and take over the city.

Between being one of the top students at the University of Johannesburg and working on my career, I’ve been on quite a journey establishing myself and my brand. But wait, there’s more!

I thrive on building bridges between clients, designers, and fellow experts, forming a community where creativity and connections have no limits.

So, hop aboard as we go on a ride filled with wild ideas, eclectic creations, and maybe just a sprinkle of something good.

Embrace the quirks, break the rules, and let’s design a world where creativity knows no shame.

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Dive into my portfolio to see a selection of projects that highlight my skills and creativity. From branding and graphic design to web design collaboration and illustration, each project is a testament to my commitment to delivering high-quality designs that fit every niche.

Services Offered

Shame Designs is your one-stop creative destination for everything. Whether you’re looking for branding, website design, print design, or illustration, I can help bring your vision to life.

Let’s collaborate to create something exceptional.

Jacques De Beer:

I found Jaden to be an honest, hardworking, enthusiastic, and reliable employee.

He was eager to learn and understood the responsibilities given to him. He is extremely creative and knows how to problem-solve.

Owethu Konza:

Jaden Visagie is a remarkable designer.

At this time I also realised how well he managed to work around a small budget but left the final product looking and feeling like a 5-star.

Jaden is a hard-working individual with immense talent and it was a pleasure working with him as he made the process so smooth, always communicated with me on everything and he took the time to understand my style and brought it to life elegantly and quickly too.

Neil Badenhorst:

The high quality of Jaden’s work is consistently maintained and Jaden always strives to go above and beyond what is required from his briefs.

Despite the high quality of his work, Jaden works hard to keep challenging himself by learning new skills and applying different stylistic applications to various projects.
Any agency should be lucky to gain him as an employee.

Ane Bauer:

Working with Jaden has been a delight. His collaboration is exceptional, always surprising me with his creativity and ability to work within tight timeframes and budgets. Jaden’s extensive network ensures he can guide you in the right direction whenever needed.

Most impressively, he has a unique gift for visualising ideas and bringing them to life effortlessly. Highly recommended.

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